We combine science, technology & ecology to improve all of our lives, the air we breathe and the surfaces we come into contact with on a daily basis.


R & D


We continually invest in technology and testing to ensure the effectiveness of our products. In addition to having our own laboratory, we work together with Centers of Excellence and Research so that our solutions have all industry certifications up to date. We’re very proud to be endorsed by experts with imminence in this exciting field of nanotechnology.

Thanks to our continuous work in developing this state-of-the-art technology, today we are the first company in Spain with research projects endorsed by CIEMAT and INTA Institute of Aeronautical Techniques. We offer the most efficient and reactive solutions on the market.

The photocatalytic effectiveness of our paints and transparent coverings eliminates viruses and bacteria by 99% and allows up to 48% continuous pollution decomposition. We offer products with different  speeds of decomposition and we have the largest number of solutions on the market, covering even the most specific, bespoke needs.

We can design tailor-made solutions for your specific organization. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Life Minox Street Project

In 2019, CIEMAT tested 350 photocatalytic solutions on the international and European market through the Life Minox Street Project, 2019.

Our organization won both first and second place for solutions with the greatest reactivity.

Having the most efficient products on the world market would not be possible without our continuous focus on research and innovation.

Today our team of scientists and engineers continue to work to further improve the properties of our products.

1000 square meters of our production center are dedicated exclusively to Research and Development activities.

We have all the specific ISOS certifications for coatings in this field and we are certified at European and national level with an international scope.

Our continuous focus on research, development and innovation has allowed us to manufacture & develop photocatalytic solutions in Spain and expand manufacture to other international markets.