PROJECT: Applications of Photocatalytic Nanopaints in the Valencian Community.

The Villar del Arzobispo City Council has carried out the disinfection of the four playgrounds in the municipality with our innovative photocatalytic nanopaint. In this way, municipal playgrounds will be safer, capable of self-disinfecting and reducing the risk of contagion of viruses and bacteria by 95.99%, in addition to actively combating contamination. This is the result of the application of photocatalytic nanopaint that, when applied to surfaces, achieves self-disinfection through contact with light, in addition to producing a decontaminating effect on the environment. The nanopaint has been applied by the Valencian companies Parques Troe and CCS in the Huerto del Señor Park, the Parque de la Vivienda, the Parque de las Balsas and the Parque San Vicente, which adds up to more than 534 square meters of disinfected surface. Purer air with photocatalytic nanopaint.


CCS – Clean & Control Services

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PROJECT: Improving Madrid’s Metro stations

Applications of Duradur hybrid resin were utilized for the restoration of vitreous panels on interior surfaces of Madrid’s metro stations using 3d MTL nanopaint.




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